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Product #2 Weekly online board meetings.

We have partnered with the Institute of Directors to provide weekly meetings. 

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Who have we helped?

Clients include RBS, EY and Budgens supermarkets along with the NHS and the Cabinet Office which is the very centre of government. These clients gain greater clarity, improved focus and more impactful teams, leading to significantly improved financial outcomes.


"You let me discover things for myself in small steps that had eluded me before so that I could piece them together and make substantial changes and move to a level of higher consciousness and performance.You were generous enough to lead me gently and let me do the work in a way that I hadn’t done before."

Nigel Long
Professional Services

"I now speak with an authentic inner strength.
I found my direction, I have clarity of my value.
I was playing small and that was bringing me pain. I am now committed to playing big!
Wherever someone is on their leadership journey this will have a profound affect on them."

Jane Cuthbert
HR Director

"Nick Bradley has become a mindful leader perfectly blending an executive background with compassion, listening and gentleness as he inspires and supports others in identifying the best course of action to grow out of any challenge."

Michael Scattergood
Senior Manger

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Meet our Founder

Nick Bradley, our Founder & CEO, has 30 years’ experience leading teams in large organisations and coaching leaders through challenging times and significant problems. He has flown all around the world to fix problems with businesses and teams and worked with clients sized between £1 and £30bn. He is also an award-winning author, regular speaker on leadership and facilitator of leadership events for companies across the UK including the Institute of Directors.


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