How do I measure my performance?

Uncategorized Apr 08, 2019

I rate my performance out of 10 and ask my clients to rate me at the end of each meeting, project or workshop. I aim to deliver at a 9/10 or higher. I set my bar high.

If I score 5 that’s not going to build anything and it’s only a point away from 6 which is not worthy of purpose led leadership or inspiration by a long shot. So I sit down with my client and learn from the experience.

When I score 7 which is ‘good enough’ as a rule or maybe an 8 which is ‘very good’ I know there is still magic left in me to deliver. I then look at how I can evolve what I have done. What extra did I need to do to score higher. Did I need to be quicker, have more clarity, be more courageous? I refocus to get back to top performance. Good enough doesn’t inspire myself or others.

And when I score 9 or even a 10 which I regard as ‘awesome’ I celebrate for a moment and then work out who else I can take this project or workshop to so to support them in being the best version of them that they can.

So go for your version of ‘awesome’, set yourself some measurable goals, ask for feedback, learn from peers and prospects alike, and be the best version of you that you can be.

How do you measure your performance? 


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