The only four values you will ever need as a leader

leadership May 22, 2019

Most leaders talk about their values and those of the organisation.

However all too often the values of the leader and the organisation are different, they are not communicated through the organisation, they are not clear for customers and suppliers and they very quickly get lost, forgotten or over-ridden by new pressing challenges.

So I believe that only a handful of clear and concise values are needed which align the people, organisation and stakeholders and which can be lived day in and day out by the leadership which is much more likely to help them stick.

I have learnt that there are four core values and I firmly believe that these are the only values you will ever need. It may be that you choose a couple more to represent yourself or your organisation but these core values cover the bases.

  1. Personal Responsibility

    This is taking ownership for your thoughts, feelings, action and reactions. It is also accepting the consequences that follow from how you speak and act with others...
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Leaders share their wisdom on personal development

We recently asked leaders to gift their wisdom to support a growing community of purpose led leaders. The five key findings show a growing need for investment in time, removal of personal blockages, greater clarity and developing authenticity.

Leaders also told us that sharing their new wisdom is becoming increasing important to help inspire others to follow a similar path.

1. The amount of time leaders spend on their personal development was surprising.

More than half of the leaders tell us that they plan to spend more than a week each year on their own personal development. However only one quarter of the leaders make commitments for certain development opportunities with the majority responding to ad-hoc opportunities.

A useful definition of personal development is spending time reflecting on oneself and learning more about what core beliefs you have and from where these have developed. Then it’s about understanding better how they show up in your life. Personal development...

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How do you recruit great leaders?

This is always going to be a challenge for businesses small and large as the traditional recruitment process is simply broken. There is a hybrid model available at the moment split between recruiters and the DIY model and neither has a great track record of delivering consistently great leaders for the average sized business in the UK.

Even the PLC recruiters get it wrong sometimes – then it’s a scandal but its always the board who made the final decision who carry the can and the recruitment firm avoid the spotlight. The current model gives you two options:

  1. Go to a recruitment consultant and pay £50K for the privilege for them to do the job.
  2. Try and Do It Yourself (DIY) where you have a smaller population to reach but have to do all the hard work yourself.

I have a lot of friends who are estate agents. Any they aren’t everyone’s best friend. But what? Isn’t this about recruitment? That’s true but I know full well when I talk to an estate...

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How do I measure my performance?

It's important to know how you are performing. There is only one way to improve and that is to know where you are today, have a goal and work towards it. I rate my performance out of 10 and ask my clients to rate me at the end of each meeting, project or workshop. I aim to deliver at a 9/10 or higher. I set my bar high.

What’s your score?   1    2    3    4    5    6    7    8    9    10

Did you score 1–4? There are serious issues at play. However, let me invite you to think about it this way: what was your performance last time?  Have you improved or gone backwards? What's really going on. Are you feeling passionate about what you are doing? Maybe it's wort revisiting this with your client and asking for more detailed feedback. Sometimes you may have delivered well but left them feeling bad so that is...

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It may be simple but it’s not easy

I realised recently that I am going to turn 50 in around six months time and amazingly I didn’t feel the fear and worry that I did when I was approaching 40. That time was full of panic and worry about crossing a major life hurdle and what would become of me in the following ten years.

It was on one hand very simple. I was going to have my 40th birthday and there was nothing I could do to avoid it. However on the other hand it wasn’t at all easy. I spent three months trying to avoid it, make excuses, change the subject and run away from it. Turning 40 wasn’t going to be easy. The words simple and easy are often used in the same way but they can be very different.

This time however as I approach 50 it remains just as simple. In October I will reach the half century anniversary of my birth in Good Hope Hospital in Nuneaton whether I like it or not. Simple. However I have now chosen to learn lessons from my previous experience and set myself challenges and to ask...

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Why I want to be more like Sir Chris Hoy

Only a decade ago British Cycling was one of the poorest performers in the world and not a sport for which us Brits were famous, innovative, world beaters or looked up to by any other country. If you aren’t a sports fan then think of British Cycling being as successful as we are in the Eurovision Song Contest.

Then things started to change. Sir Chris Hoy won 6 Olympic Gold medals (that’s more than you can count on one hand) and 11 World Championships (yes that’s more than you can count with both hands). There have since been a whole long list of British champions, men, women and Paralympians, who have taken the sport to the dizzy heights of being the best on the planet.

So why do I want to be Chris Hoy?

Is it the fame, the gold medals, the super expensive bike or his chunky thighs?? No it’s the change. So what changed? Sir Dave Brailsford was appointed to head the team and he quickly realised that he couldn’t fix one big thing by 100%. So he changed the...

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Ancient Wisdom 2.0

leadership development Apr 14, 2019

We are a team of experienced business and leadership coaches who have a passion to help leaders and owners grow their organisation by having clarity on their goals and overcoming the obstacles that lie in the way. We start by working with the individual leader and then spread the impact to their team and then the whole organisation.

Leaders tells us that everything we do has an effect on the people who work for us; our families and the communities we are a part of. A two-way ripple effect both from those who have influenced us and those we influence as leaders has a deep impact both within and far beyond ourselves. They also tell us that many of their behaviours are driven by sub-conscious beliefs, which have been similarly formed and reinforced by the same multitude of sources. We help leaders to have clarity on their beliefs and their impact so that they can focus on the positive and unburden themselves of the negative.

All of our programs are based on wisdom that has been around...

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Why Mandala Leaders?

Uncategorized Apr 10, 2019

Mandala is a Sanskrit word meaning an image representing the universe.

The Tibetan mandala is a tool for gaining wisdom and compassion by guiding individuals along the path to enlightenment. A basic form of most mandalas is a square with four gates containing a circle which directs the eye to a central point. The centre of the universe if you like.

Mandala Leaders was created to help leaders to find their true purpose. In order to do this we support leaders to go deep and take a good look inside themselves and we have to create a safe place, a sacred space, where there is total trust between the workshop leaders and all participants so that leaders can feel safe and supported to look within. When they reach their true selves they have reached their core which is place of peace and wisdom.

We'd love to join us on our journey to making better, authentic leaders. A great place to start is by downloading our free EBook, 7 Mistakes New Leader Make.


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How coaching helped resolve tensions in our practice team

case studies Apr 06, 2019

Mandala Leaders clients Dr Tom Milligan and Dr Dinesh Kumar explain how coaching helped their practice management team develop a better working relationship and a happier working environment.

A wise observer once said that teamwork is the ability to work as a group toward a common vision, even if that vision isn’t always clear.

This statement is never more relevant as rising patient demand pushes NHS surgeries to their limits; we need everyone fit and firing to provide the best possible care - but we also need everyone understanding the goal we are working towards and the different roles that individual team members must play in reaching it.

Last year, our practice had to quickly reorganise its administration set-up after a previous partner left. Though we did the right thing by appointing a new practice manager and deputy, we had inadvertently created an environment where key team roles were not 100% clear.

Our surgery embodies the truism that primary care must adapt to...

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Leadership coaching for a new career perspective

Uncategorized Mar 29, 2019

Michael Scattergood - EY


After a period of frustration and anxiety with his role, a senior management consultant in EY’s international development division refocused on his career priorities with support from Mandala Leaders. Through intensive coaching sessions, the executive has reappraised his job and his ambitions.  Instead of pushing him towards a plan, Mandala Leaders helped him to make his own top-to-bottom appraisal of his role and communications with colleagues while evaluating the wider impacts for government clients and citizens of his career developing national health care programmes.

The challenge

Effective leadership coaching must gain a clear picture of the current state of play before seeking to make changes. A senior director of international development at management consultancy EY has refocused on his career priorities with support from Mandala Leaders, a consultancy dedicated to transforming the life of an individual and the communities they...

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