It may be simple but it’s not easy

I realised recently that I am going to turn 50 in around six months time and amazingly I didn’t feel the fear and worry that I did when I was approaching 40. That time was full of panic and worry about crossing a major life hurdle and what would become of me in the following ten years.

It was on one hand very simple. I was going to have my 40th birthday and there was nothing I could do to avoid it. However on the other hand it wasn’t at all easy. I spent three months trying to avoid it, make excuses, change the subject and run away from it. Turning 40 wasn’t going to be easy. The words simple and easy are often used in the same way but they can be very different.

This time however as I approach 50 it remains just as simple. In October I will reach the half century anniversary of my birth in Good Hope Hospital in Nuneaton whether I like it or not. Simple. However I have now chosen to learn lessons from my previous experience and set myself challenges and to ask...

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