Keep Calm and Carry On

As Summer approaches, it’s as good a time as any to pause and reflect on our achievements, our hits, our misses and the lessons learned.

Whether your leadership impacts on a global organisation, a local sports team, a business, a family or all of the above, consider this – what is the single most important lesson learned from how you played your cards across the year so far?
For myself, this year, the single most important principle that has most benefited my leadership at work, in my community and at home, has been “keep calm and carry on”.

Surprisingly enough, it was the combination of managing my emotions better despite the challenges together with staying the course, that I’m the most proud of and grateful for. For this to happen, I needed to both put in effort on remaining ‘the observer’ of my thoughts and feelings (especially under pressure), whilst remaining guided by my long-term vision.

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