How coaching helped resolve tensions in our practice team

case studies Apr 06, 2019

Mandala Leaders clients Dr Tom Milligan and Dr Dinesh Kumar explain how coaching helped their practice management team develop a better working relationship and a happier working environment.

A wise observer once said that teamwork is the ability to work as a group toward a common vision, even if that vision isn’t always clear.

This statement is never more relevant as rising patient demand pushes NHS surgeries to their limits; we need everyone fit and firing to provide the best possible care - but we also need everyone understanding the goal we are working towards and the different roles that individual team members must play in reaching it.

Last year, our practice had to quickly reorganise its administration set-up after a previous partner left. Though we did the right thing by appointing a new practice manager and deputy, we had inadvertently created an environment where key team roles were not 100% clear.

Our surgery embodies the truism that primary care must adapt to...

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