Yorkshire GP practice looks outside for change from within

case study leadership Jun 26, 2019

A Yorkshire GP surgery’s practice management team experienced misunderstandings over roles and responsibilities after a reorganisation. A one-on-one coaching day for the team with Mandala Leaders, requested by the practice’s managing partner, has resolved these issues by helping the team better understand each other’s priorities, ways of working, and how they could better collaborate in a stressful workplace.

With a clearer view of their objectives and how to reach them, the practice management team is driving the surgery’s new business plan. Mandala Leaders’ coaching session was surprising for the two team members because it guided them to their own realisation of what needed to change - rather than simply telling them what was good for them.    

Confusion over management roles hold back busy GP practice

As GP surgeries across Britain are pushed to their limits meeting care demands from an ageing population, PracticeOne in Bridlington...

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100-day leadership programme unleashes retail FD’s potential

A retail chief financial officer has successfully refocused her communication with board members and shop floor colleagues through a 100-day leadership coaching programme with Mandala Leaders.

She has come out of her shell and assumed board-level decisions for the franchise. More than that, she intervenes more effectively in staff disagreements and motivates colleagues with greater insight and conviction. This career breakthrough came through one-one-one coaching sessions with Mandala Leaders that placed the emphasis firmly on her to take responsibility - for both the way she was perceived and stepping up to board-level operations.

Can a fixer be a strategic thinker?

An executive assuming a leadership role coming from a purely accounting background can face some surprising and delicate hurdles. After helping build profitable operations at a London retail franchise, a female chief financial officer wanted to take on board responsibilities. Despite her lasting contribution to the...

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Leadership coaching for a new perspective

After a period of frustration and anxiety with his role, a senior management consultant at a ‘Big Four’ company’s international development division, refocused on his career priorities with support from Mandala Leaders. Through intensive coaching sessions, the executive has reappraised his job and his ambitions.

Instead of pushing him towards a plan, Mandala Leaders helped him to make his own top-to-bottom appraisal of his role and communications with colleagues while evaluating the wider impacts for government clients and citizens of his career developing national health care programmes.

The challenge

Effective leadership coaching must gain a clear picture of the current state of play before seeking to make changes. A senior director of international development at a Big Four management consultancy has refocused on his career priorities with support from Mandala Leaders, a consultancy dedicated to transforming the life of an individual and the communities they...

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