Webinar: Mental Health and Wellbeing in the workplace - at home or in the office

I was delighted to host a Webinar this morning discussing "Mental Health and Wellbeing in the workplace - at home or in the office". I was joined by some amazing guests: 


Ex international rugby player, Charlie Hodgson

Charlie Hodgson Performance; a coaching consultancy that optimises workplace health and performance using a mix of science backed lifestyle assessments and unique coaching techniques.

His philosophy is based on 17 years at the top of professional sport and it is through this experience that has shaped his coaching approach and how it can be transferred to the business world.”

Karl Permberton joined Active in May 2007 with a vision to develop the firm into one that was capable of challenging the services offered by the leading national providers, leaning on the knowledge gained in the previous 12 years, yet sticking firmly to the firms regional, ethical and family values. During this time, Karl has lead the firm to become one of the region’s...

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