Mandala Leaders Circle

£35.00 GBP every month

I invite everyone who reads our books, works through an online program, joins one of my events, or works with us personally, to join the Mandala Leaders Circle. When you have joined the circle, you will have access to hundreds of other authentic leaders who have been involved with the 7 steps and have made a commitment to support you leaders on your journey.

It’s called a circle as there is no hierarchy: each leader is equal regardless of their experience, the size of the organization they work for, their title, or where in the world they work. The reason we do this is to live one of the core values: equal dignity.  This is a safe place for you to share your learning, challenges, and obstacles, or to simply ask for help.

Bonus offers

As a thank you for joining the Mandala Leaders Circle, we are also including:

  • Zero to Authentic Hero – Introduction
  • Step 1: Understanding your beliefs
  • Step 2: Having a clear purpose
  • Step 3: Living your core values

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